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happy easter

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter or Passover or whatever holiday you celebrate. As I have talked about in my podcast, I was raised Jewish, but I converted to Christianity in college and I married a Christian man. We practice Christianity in our home, but I have made an effort to pass down certain Jewish traditions from my childhood. Some of my family’s favorite traditions center on Easter and Passover, which happen around the same time every year.

We love to do our Easter egg hunt, decorate Easter eggs and sugar cookies, have a giant Easter dinner and all of the wonderful things that surround this holiday. Our kids wake up to Easter baskets on Easter morning and they always include surprise balls, which are prizes wrapped into a ball made from colorful crepe paper. Even though the prizes are geared towards younger children, my kids look forward to unraveling their surprise balls every year. We also make it a point to teach our children the true meaning of the holiday by teaching them about the Savior and the last week of His life. We have several lessons and activities that we do each night preceding Easter Sunday. One of these activities is to reenact the Last Supper, which is also known to Jewish people as the Passover.

I have my grandmother’s cedar plate and every year, we host a cedar for anyone in the community who is interested in learning about the Passover. This year, we invited 3 families to celebrate with us. My children love the symbolic foods and games we play at Passover, as well as their all time favorite…Matzo ball soup! Below, I have included a picture of our cedar plate with the symbolic foods on it. We talk about how each of these foods points to the Savior and prepares us for His coming. We love our Easter/Passover traditions. They knit us together as a family and give our children something special to look forward to each year.

What are some of your favorite family traditions? Please respond in the comments. I would love to hear about them!

cedar plate

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