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Why I LOVE my gym

Meet Pat! He’s one of my favorite people to work out with at the gym. I love to ride the stationary bike next to him. He always has the best stories and advice about life. He’s like my super, in-shape Grandpa, who is always excited to see me and always encourages me to get moving.…

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Lessons for my little girl

This weekend my daughter had the opportunity to learn some hard life lessons and I’m so proud of her for taking it all in stride. She competed in her favorite gymnastics meet called the Queen of Hearts Invitational as an Excel Gold. Last year, she won first place in her age division as an Excel…

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Acts of Service

On this week’s episode of On the Brighter Side, I talk about amazing acts of service performed by friends who recognized that I was in need of some love and service. These friends brought over dinners so we could enjoy eating together as a family, even though I didn’t feel up to preparing dinner. They…

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A Love Note to Myself

Today I’m writing a love note to myself and sharing it with all of you in a blog post.  Here’s what I wrote to myself: Dear Monica, I just want to let you know how proud of you I am.  I noticed last week was pretty difficult for you as you attempted to launch your…

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