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Make Defeat Your Fuel

make defeat your fuel

I saw this woman at the gym and loved the saying on her shirt. She let me take picture of it right there in the locker room. The reason I loved her shirt is because I believe that every failure brings you closer to success. Sometimes, failure gives you information about what doesn’t work, but other times it gives you drive and motivation to make it work! For example, I have a friend who is has been afraid of rejection for a long time. I convinced her to ask people to interview for her podcast, even if there was a possibility they would say no. She told me today that one of them did say no. Guess what, it wasn’t even painful. “Their loss,” she said. I told her to work even harder, to get even more famous guests, so eventually they would feel bad for passing up a great opportunity. I think that is acceptable motivation.

My daughter, pictured below on the left is an incredibly hard worker. We convinced her to try a higher level in a more difficult program this year. She decided to give it a try and worked hard to learn her routines and trained very hard for her competitions. The first time she competed, she didn’t score very high at all and we realized she didn’t even know the correct routines. Her floor pattern was all wrong and she could barely complete the skills needed for that level on bars. She was determined to keep training and try again. The next meet we took her to, she was doing really well until floor exercise. She did the wrong tumbling pass, got lost in her routine and the judges weren’t even able to score it. Then she fell off of the beam. She was devastated and actually cried (this girl is tough as nails and very rarely cries).

She didn’t score high enough to place in any event and probably felt discouraged. All of the other little girls who were trying out this harder program had already quite. I asked her in the car on the way home if she wanted to take a break and just do the easier program her sister and friends were competing or if she wanted to continue with the harder routines. She didn’t even bat an eyelash and said she wanted to work harder and pass off the level she was working on. At the next meet, she did pass off that level. Then, after recovering from a tough injury, she passed off the next level, which was even more challenging. She even placed in every event at that competition.

My Sophie is a hard worker and I was so proud of her when she didn’t let defeat get her down or stop her from progressing. The experience made her stronger and even more dedicated to passing off the harder levels. She is an example to me! May we all dedicate ourselves to achieving our dreams, even if it’s hard and sometimes we fail…hard. Make defeat your fuel! Good Luck!


About the author, Monica

I'm a wife and mother of 4 wonderful, talented children. I started a podcast for people who are ready to uplevel their lives in the areas of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. I will be sharing real, authentic life experiences that have taught me about living On the Brighter Side.

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