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Girls Trip to NYC

nanny and girls in NYC

I just returned home from a trip to NYC with my mom and my girls. My aunt Joyce met us there, so it was truly a three generations girls trip. We also visited and had brunch with my grandpa’s sister who lives nearby. She is 92 years old and sharp as a tack. What a privilege it was to have four generations of Miller women at one table for an hour. I’m grateful for my heritage and the amazing examples of strong, capable women in my life. We had so much fun and made some incredible memories. I think there is so much to be gained from traveling with your children. They don’t have to be expensive trips to create the memories and bonding you desire, just well thought out and special.

We used airline miles to fly us out to New York. We stayed with a cousin who lives in town. I bought discounted rush and partial view seats to all of the shows we went to see and we ate inexpensively. We mostly rode the subway to get where we needed to go, and we bought all of our souvenirs for bargain prices in Chinatown. For a trip to New York, we did it on the cheap and I know by girls will never ever forget it!

When I asked them, my girls said they loved the shows, shopping in Chinatown, the Statue of Liberty and the giant milkshakes we had the most. I appreciated all of the little bonding moments they had with each other, with me and with my mom the most. I loved how they giggled together and were kind to each other and shared. I loved that they wanted to help all of the homeless people we saw on the streets. They were in their own little world most of the time and I loved seeing them discover new things in the world together. I had the opportunity to explain some new concepts and principles to them like seeking for the good in every situation and person they come across. I will always cherish the time I spent with my mom and my girls in New York City.

I highly recommend taking your children on memorable vacations and trips. If you can do girls trips or boys trips, those are fun and memorable as well. Never turn down an opportunity to make memories with your kids. I’m so grateful for the memories we made this week. Good luck! I will be talking about our trip more in depth on the podcast in two weeks and the lessons I learned in New York City. I hope you will tune in and enjoy all of the great stories and learning experiences we had together.

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