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Get my Guide for Implementing a Screen-Free Summer!


Hey Parents and Grandparents, it’s summertime! The sun is hot, the trees are green and the air is fresh. Kids are out of school and looking to be entertained. The last thing we want is a bunch of kids sitting inside glued the glowing screens of their own personal devices. There is so much to do and experience and we don’t want to miss any of it! So, how do we make the most of these two and a half short months our kids are out of school and home with us?

I heard you loud and clear and so I made this 5 page guide to implementing a screen-free summer. Some of you might be thinking, no way… a little screen time during the summer is good and healthy. No problem! I included ways to minimize the power struggles while allowing a limited amount of screen time each week. But, I will tell you that it is totally possible to go completely screen-free if you are up for the challenge. I know, because I did it last summer and survived. Not only did we survive, but if you asked any one of my kids what they thought about last summer, they would all tell you the same thing…it was the BEST summer EVER! Why do they think this? Because we planned and executed so many fun things and made great memories together.

Last summer, we hiked, we biked, we camped, we swam, we played games, we traveled, we bonded, we made memories and we got creative. My daughter ran a camp for little kids called Summer Splash Camp and made some money. We did several lemonade sales, learned new skills, spent one-on-one time together and made some great family memories. Summer really isn’t that long, so if you’re going to make it count, you need a plan!

I included in this 5 page guide so many suggestions, ideas, tips and tricks for planning and executing the BEST summer EVER! Click on this link to get this FREE resource right to your inbox. It really is that easy! No kidding…you have nothing to lose! Do it now!

About the author, Monica

I'm a wife and mother of 4 wonderful, talented children. I started a podcast for people who are ready to uplevel their lives in the areas of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. I will be sharing real, authentic life experiences that have taught me about living On the Brighter Side.


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  2. lauren on 08/25/2018 at 8:11 PM

    I love this!!! My family of my husband, myself and three kids 10 12 and 14 kind of run this way year round in that mon through sat during a school year its 30mins of screen time day per kid and in summer time we do allow and hour each day though because the kids are at home all day when we have to work but we always year round have no electronic sundays which is no screen time period and we all love it. Its hard work but i know deep down that the kids really appreciate the limits because there attitudes display the gratitude because when they go to theres fathers house its endless screen time and they realize how they dont have interaction with him being that they are constantly plugged in but they love it in the moment and if he doesnt set a limit, they surely arent going to because lets face it, they are kids.

    • Monica Tanner on 09/03/2018 at 5:20 AM

      Yeah Lauren, I’m so glad you are doing this! I agree, it is such hard work, but it will be so worth it. My husband and I have noticed such a difference in our kids’ energy and the way they interact with each other and other people when they don’t spend so much time attached to screens. Best of luck to you in your continued efforts to raise kids who are unattached to screens!

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