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Taking the Focus off our Stuff and Putting it Back on our Relationships with Krista Lockwood

Today’s episode is perfect for back to school! My guest, Krista Lockwood of Motherhood Simplified, talks to us about decluttering our homes and lives so we can spend more time and energy on the relationships that mean the most to us. She shares the story of how she stumbled upon this concept and what she teaches hundreds of others about how to take the focus off our stuff and put it back on our relationships. She’s giving us her 5 tips on how to get started and so much more.

You can find more information from Krista on her website:, including courses and freebies to help you make this task a little less overwhelming. If you are looking for a community of like-minded mamas, you can join her Facebook group here:  You can also find her on Instagram as @motherhoodsimplified.

Stay tuned for more information coming about how you can be a beta tester for my On the Brighter Side of Marriage online course coming in September!

About the author, Monica

I'm a wife and mother of 4 wonderful, talented children. I started a podcast for people who are ready to uplevel their lives in the areas of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. I will be sharing real, authentic life experiences that have taught me about living On the Brighter Side.


  1. Lisa on 08/20/2019 at 5:42 AM

    I love the concept of decluttering and just having less stuff to manage. I’ve realized that my favorite thing about camping trips and family vacations is just being able to focus more on enjoying family members because we don’t have a many other things to manage.
    It’s a process getting there in our own home. The struggle is real. Sometimes I’ll really focus hard on it for a day or two and make great progress but then life just gets in the way and I feel like we fall backwards again.
    I loved hearing your guest today ❤️

    • Monica Tanner on 08/26/2019 at 5:30 AM

      Yes! I never thought of that with camping, but you are totally right! It’s taking a break from all the stuff and being able to focus more fully on the people you are with. I definitely have decluttering on my list of things to work on when my kids go back to school tomorrow!

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