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Shari Carter Shares with us Lessons She has Learned Teaching Grade School Kids

In honor of teacher appreciation week this week, I sat down with our family’s favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Shari Carter. Shari has been teaching a long time and loves what she does. It shows in her work as she is adored by her students, their parents and her peers. Shari is the kind of teacher who leaves an indelible impression on her kids by going above and beyond every single time.

Shari shares her wisdom with us and lets us in on some insider stories about how she came to teach kindergartners and what she would like to share with parents about their kids. You can follow Shari on Instagram @love_2teach. You can also check out her scholastic top teaching blog for ideas about fun, educational activities you can do with your kids at school or at home here: .

Thank you, Mrs. Shari Carter for loving and teaching our children so well!

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