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Building Trust Especially after Betrayal With Geoff Steurer

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In today’s episode, I sit down with licenced marriage and family counselor, Geoff Steurer to talk about the importance of building a trust in your marriage. Geoff specializes in re building trust after a serious betrayal. If you are the betrayer or the betrayed, there is hope for recovery for you and for the marriage.

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Trust Building Academy (main website)

12-week Trust Building Bootcamp (enter code: BRIGHTER20 to receive 20% off the course)

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Not Just Friends – Shirley Glass

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Love Sense – Sue Johnson

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I Know You, I Like You and I Have Your Back with Nate Bagley

This week’s episode with Nate Bagley is one of my all-time favorites! He’s an experienced marriage researcher, interviewing some of the greats, such as John and Julie Gottman, Gary Chapman and Sue Johnson.

He teaches us his framework for building a strong foundation of friendship within your marriage, so you are able to have hard conversations and withstand conflict. His pillars of friendship include the framework of I know you, I like you and I have your back.

You will love the simplicity and ease with which he explains these three pillars and the way he uses experiences from his own life to illustrate these concepts beautifully. He talks about an experiment he did with his wife in his first year of marriage to find out her love language and we made a challenge out of it. Whether you have been married for 3 days or 30 years, it’s such a boost to any relationship to know your spouse’s love language.

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Having Fun with Your Spouse in Your Marriage with Celeste Davis

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone! My interview this week is with the lovely Celeste Davis of The Marriage Laboratory. We discuss how to have fun with our spouses in our marriage and why that is even important. We go over common objections to having fun and overcome them one by one. We also discuss how to have a healthier sex life and why that is also so important.

I love this episode and I know you will too. If you would like get more from Celeste you can find her at on Instagram @marriagelaboratory. You can check out her podcast here:

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you!

When Your Spouse Has a Demanding Job with Sara Payne

In today’s episode, Sara Payne and I talk about the challenges involved with having a spouse with a demanding job and how she learned how to let go of the resentment of not having him around to help very often. We also discuss the debt incurred in medical school and living in lots of different locations away from family and friends.

Sara teaches us how to rewrite our story and find ways to be grateful regardless of the circumstance and gives her best advice to spouses of how to let go of resentment and expectations and start having fun and enjoying your family.

You can find out more about working with Sara at or @sarapaynecoaching on Facebook and Instagram and listen to her podcast, The Doctor’s Wife on any podcast listening app.

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Bonus: Replay of My Interview with Andrew East and Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson

I reached into the past and pulled out another one of my favorite interviews of all time. I love Shawn and Andrew and now I get to love their beautiful little girl, Drew Hazel East! In this episode, Shawn and Andrew open up about what life is really like in the East household. They talk about how competitive they are, what they argue about, what it’s like living in the spotlight and what they admire about each other. Oh, and they share some of the things they’ve learned about marriage through athletics and their best marriage advice and all the things.

You can learn more about them by subscribing to their YouTube channel:

Their new podcast called Couple Things with Shawn and Andrew:

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