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Enemies to Success

comparison blog post

Look at these beautiful faces. Each one of these women is unique and amazing in their own ways. I’m grateful for wonderful and supportive friends who root for me and cheer me on. I think one of the greatest tragedies of life are the emotions of jealousy and comparison. Each person on the earth is special and important and there is enough room for everyone to succeed. When we start to compare ourselves to others or become jealous of their accomplishments, we invite negativity and loss into our lives. The greatest successes in life are achieved through collaboration. If we help and support others in their successes, this positive environment we are creating will come back to us 100 fold. When we help others succeed, we will be that much more successful. Don’t waist your precious energy comparing yourself to others or being jealous. Use that energy to achieve your dreams and support others who are working towards their own. I promise the quickest way to get ahead in life is to help another achieve more. Choose happiness and success by being kind and supportive. You’ll be glad you did every time!

About the author, Monica

I'm a wife and mother of 4 wonderful, talented children. I started a podcast for people who are ready to uplevel their lives in the areas of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. I will be sharing real, authentic life experiences that have taught me about living On the Brighter Side.

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