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Embarrassing Interview Moment

Ginger Zee

This week I interviewed Ginger Zee from Good Morning America. She is the first female meteorologist for a major network, a best selling author, a wife and mother of two cute boys and an amazing human. Ginger covers the nation’s weather on Good Morning America, as well as all of ABC News’ broadcast and digital platforms. She also hosts an ABC News digital series “Food Forecast”, which focuses on climate and its impact on agriculture. Ginger lives in New York City with her husband Ben, who is co-host of the hit show ‘Pickler & Ben’. She recently wrote a book, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I am One in which she opens up about her crippling battle with depression.  Her latest book, a children’s book called Chasing Helicity was just released in April. She also competed with Val on Season 22 of Dancing with the Stars and almost won.

People keep asking me how I landed such a famous guest. My answer is just sheer persistence and a little bit of luck. In February, I took my mom and my little girls to New York for a girls trip. Somehow, I scored tickets to the indoor taping of Good Morning America. I instantly knew that I wanted to talk to Ginger and ask her to be on my podcast. Because I have also dealt with depression and had read her book about her experience with depression, I knew she would be the perfect guest for my listeners. The morning of the taping, my mom and I awoke at 5:00 am to get to the studios and get in line. I brought her book to get it signed and I was so excited! My hopes and dreams were dashed when the production assistant came outside and told us that Ginger was still on maternity leave. I was totally crushed!

We sat through the taping, which was super cool and then they escorted us out of the studio. I stopped on our way out and told one of the production assistants about my hope to see Ginger. She encouraged me to write her an email about my podcast and she would forward it on to the right people. I did just that and couldn’t believe a week later I got a response from her publicist. After several emails back and forth, we finally settled on a date and time for the interview. I think it was over 8 emails before we found one. I put it on my calendar and counted down the days.

When the big day finally arrived, I was ecstatic, but had plenty to occupy my thoughts until our interview at 11:00. I had to volunteer at my kids school and read with the kindergartners and that is enough to wear anyone out. When I finally had Ginger on the line, I was so nervous! I had several questions to ask her about something very exciting, but unrelated to the interview. She was so kind to answer them for me help me with a game plan. Then, it was time to start asking her the interview questions. Her answers were awesome and we had a great interview for about 45 minutes. I had just asked her my second to last question when I looked down and noticed something terrible…


We had gone through the whole interview and I hadn’t recorded any of it! I wanted to just curl up in the corner and cry for the rest of the day. How could I tell this amazing woman who had so generously given me almost an hour of her time already that I hadn’t pressed record? I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I was embarrassed and furious with myself. But, I decided to suck it up and tell her about my mistake.


She told me about her time restraints and offered to start over. I pressed record and we went through the whole thing again. So… you are all getting the shortened, take-two version of our interview. It’s still amazing, just a little faster and with less fluff. That’s my story. I had to tell a mega famous, TV personality that I wasted almost an hour of her day by not pressing record on my computer. Argghh!

She handled it so well and now I am her number one supporter and biggest fan! She can do no wrong in my eyes. I will always have the highest level of respect for Ginger Zee!

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