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Good Girls Talk About Sex with Leah Carey

Head shot of Leah Carey with her glasses between her teeth

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with Leah Carey of the Good Girls Talk About Sex Podcast. We discuss some common misconceptions and myths about sex and how to enjoy sexual intimacy in the different stages of our marriages, as newlyweds, after having children and beyond.

I’m grateful for our shared passion for teaching women how to enjoy intimacy. You can find Leah at: or on Instagram or Facebook at: @goodgirlstalk. If you want some real talk about sex, check out her podcast called Good Girls Talk About Sex.

Don’t forget to join Sex Therapist, Cami Hurst and I for “3 Secrets to Unlock Your Desire Without Having to Do Anything you Hate” on Wednesday, March 11th at 2:30 PM MST. You can register here:

The Extraordinary Family Life Formula with Greg Denning

Today’s episode is with Greg Denning and we are chatting about how to create an extraordinary family life. Greg is a high performance, success coach who works with individuals and families to create successful family lives.

I would listen to this episode with a pen, because Greg mentions tons of great resources for success and higher learning. We talk about the importance of keeping small commitments to ourselves and how to achieve our highest dreams and goals.

You can find Greg on his podcast, The Extraordinary Family Life Podcast or online at: or and on Instagram @extraordinaryfamilylife.

How to Peacefully Coexist with Anxiety and Depression with Tara Bixby

In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with Holistic Therapist, Tara Bixby, to have a frank conversation about anxiety and depression. Tara shares some incredible tips, tricks and strategies to combat and peacefully coexist with anxiety and depression. I recommend listening to this episode with a pen and paper, because we cover a lot and we cover it quickly.

Tara mentions one of her favorite books, which was also helpful to me on the importance of good nutrition called: A Mind of Your Own by Kelly Brogan, MD. For more information and resources, you can find Tara on Instagram @courageously.u. She also has a Facebook group and a YouTube channel by the same name.

Tara is also one of our EPIC Health Summit speakers, so make sure you are registered for that by going to this link:

Thanks so much for listening. If you loved this episode, please share it with a friend and leave me a review. XOXO!

Episode 14 – Interview with Ginger Zee

Today’s interview is with ABC’s chief meteorologist and Good Morning America personality, Ginger Zee. Ginger lives in New York City with her husband Ben, and her two boys, Adrian and Miles. She recently wrote a book called Natural Disasters – I Cover Them and I Am One, in which she opens up about her life and her struggle with depression. She is honest and real and gives hope to others who have or are battling similar mental health problems. She also wrote a children’s book called Chasing Helicity, which was just released last week. She is smart, creative, happy, honest and so much fun to interview.

In our interview, Ginger opens up about love of the weather, her marriage, her experience with depression and how a woman really can have it all. She also shares with us how she unwinds after a long, stressful day and how she gets so much done everyday. I especially loved one of her final thoughts about how dark clouds will eventually and always clear. They cannot stick around forever, that is just not how the atmosphere works. I love the hope she brings to anyone who is struggling with anything in their life. Just keep going!

You can find her books on and through any other book retailer. You can follow her on Instagram @ginger_zee or watch her weekday mornings on ABC’s Good Morning America.

A giant “thank you” to Ginger for taking the time to chat with me and even re-record the interview after some technical difficulties. I will always be your number one fan! I just know everyone will love her as much as I do after they listen to her candid interview.