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Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson and NFL Long Snapper Andrew East Talk Marriage and Family Life

Today, I’m releasing my very favorite episode to date. I have watched Shawn Johnson compete gymnastics since she was a little girl and I’m one of her biggest fans. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about social media from Andrew East and have grown to respect him as a content creator and fantastic husband. In this episode they were so kind to open up with me and be honest and candid about their marriage and family life.

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East have a unique marriage in that they are so in the public eye and both successful and recognized athletes, but they have a marriage just like the rest of us. They disagree, have pet peeves and admire each other just like any other newly married couple. They have to navigate it all, just like anyone else, except for being recognized everywhere they go.

And, they are about to be parents. They share their hopes and dreams for baby East and their desire for this baby to know how much his parents love him and each other. So sweet!!! The cover photo for this episode is the night Shawn was inducted into the sports Hall of Fame. Andrew was so supportive and proud.

You can follow along in the East Family adventures on YouTube at The East Family or follow them individually at Shawn Johnson East and Andrew D East on every other platform. You can also check out Andrew’s podcast: Redirected on iTunes or any other podcast listening app. I promise you are going to love them!