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Score Keeping and Sex Talk with Jamee Andelin

Jamee Andelin shares how to overcome differences in your marriage

In today’s episode, I sit down with my friend Jamee Andelin. We interviewed each other about all things pertaining to score keeping in marriage, sex and intimacy and overcoming and living with our differences. This episode is fun and light hearted, but we discuss extremely common issues that arise in marriage.

Jamee is a life coach and fellow podcaster. You can find her at: or on her podcast, Coaching with Jamee at:

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Having Fun with Your Spouse in Your Marriage with Celeste Davis

Happy Thanksgiving Week Everyone! My interview this week is with the lovely Celeste Davis of The Marriage Laboratory. We discuss how to have fun with our spouses in our marriage and why that is even important. We go over common objections to having fun and overcome them one by one. We also discuss how to have a healthier sex life and why that is also so important.

I love this episode and I know you will too. If you would like get more from Celeste you can find her at on Instagram @marriagelaboratory. You can check out her podcast here:

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. I am truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Taking the Focus off our Stuff and Putting it Back on our Relationships with Krista Lockwood

Today’s episode is perfect for back to school! My guest, Krista Lockwood of Motherhood Simplified, talks to us about decluttering our homes and lives so we can spend more time and energy on the relationships that mean the most to us. She shares the story of how she stumbled upon this concept and what she teaches hundreds of others about how to take the focus off our stuff and put it back on our relationships. She’s giving us her 5 tips on how to get started and so much more.

You can find more information from Krista on her website:, including courses and freebies to help you make this task a little less overwhelming. If you are looking for a community of like-minded mamas, you can join her Facebook group here:  You can also find her on Instagram as @motherhoodsimplified.

Stay tuned for more information coming about how you can be a beta tester for my On the Brighter Side of Marriage online course coming in September!

Getting the Most Important Things Done Each Day with Chanelle Neilson

My guest on the podcast this week, Chanelle Neilson, is a podcaster herself, author of several books, yoga instructor and mother of 5 children. She has the same 24 hours that the rest of us do, but she uses them so efficiently, you would think she has more. That is why I loved sitting down with her and picking her brain about how she gets it all done.

Listen in as she shares how mindset and simplicity help her get everything accomplished. She also wakes up at [5:30] every morning and has a detailed morning routine. Self care is incredibly important to Chanelle and her morning routine is a non-negotiable. She shares a great analogy, using sand, pebbles and rocks about fitting in the important things first.

You can learn more about Chanelle by listening to her podcast, called Moms Who Know or following her on Instagram @momswhoknowpodcast. She has a book called, Parenting with Purpose and a children’s book series called, Mckay and Coco. You can find her books on Amazon.

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Episode 21 – Interview with Jessica Dahlquist

My guest on the show today is one of my favorite interviews so far. She is an army wife and mother of three boys and the host of the Extraordinary Moms Podcast. She has interviewed somewhere around 200 extraordinary moms and shared with us so much wisdom they have share with her over the years. She talks about how and why she started her podcast almost 3 years ago and how she feels the common thread throughout all of the moms she has interviewed is the ability to understand that they create the joy in their own lives. Listen to hear more about this, how becoming a whole and healthy human being helps us be way better moms and the power of positive parenting.

You can find all 240+ episodes of the Extraordinary Moms Podcast on any podcast listening app and at You can even search for certain episodes by topic. You can also find her hanging out on Instagram @jessicadahlquist3.

Don’t miss this extraordinary episode with so many great tidbits of wisdom.

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