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May We Always Remember to #Savethekids with Collin Kartchner

Today, I’m republishing an episode with my dear friend, youth advocate, internet crusader and incredible human, Collin Kartchner, which was originally recorded in April of 2018. I’m putting this back out in the world with a little bit of commentary and whole lot of love.

Collin’s message and mission touched hundreds of thousands around the world as he taught parents to connect with their kids in this digital age, fought against the dangers of social media and spread the joy of 8 second hugs. I will never know the reason he was taken so soon, but I will continue to be inspired by his passion and support his mission in every way I can.

He wanted parents to wake up to the dangers that surround our kids and families. No one will ever fill his red Nike shoes, but I have listed below some accounts and organizations who are also spreading messages of hope and healing. I’ve also linked to Collin’s 2018 Tedx talk and his podcast. Please get educated and inspired and let your voice be heard. This is a fight worth fighting! #savethekids #savetheparents #forcollin.

Collin’s Tedx Talk:

Collin’s Instagram Account:

Collin’s Podcast:

Other helpful resources:

Instagram Accounts to Follow:,,,,,,, and

If you would like more information about additional accounts and organizations, contact the Safeguard Alliance and follow hashtags #savethekids and #savetheparents.

2019 Christmas Episode – Jon’s New Wheelchair Story

Merry Christmas On the Brighter Side listeners! Today I’m talking about the true meaning of Christmas and the best experience I’ve ever been a part of. This year, for Christmas, one man received a new wheelchair and a new leg on his 61st Birthday.

I will be forever grateful for my friend Tawsha Stanford, who had the thought of raising money to buy our friend Jon Peters a new wheelchair for Christmas. We put our idea on social media and within hours, we were able to raise enough money to buy Jon’s dream wheelchair.

We have been blessed by Jon for years and forever changed by this experience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution and participation in this Christmas miracle.

Thank you for supporting On the Brighter Side. I appreciate all of you and am truly grateful for the opportunity to produce this podcast. My message for this episode is to act on those kind thoughts. Hold your family close and enjoy them this holiday season.

Do the Right Day and Mayor Tammy of City of Meridian

This is such a great episode with Mayor Tammy de Weerd of Meridian, Idaho. Mayor Tammy is serving her last year of her fourth term as Mayor. She served on the Meridian City Counsel for a term before that, so at the end of this year, she will have served the City of Meridian for 20 years! She is absolutely incredible to work with and it is clear to anyone who knows her that she cares so much for the people in her community. She strives to make Meridian, Idaho a wonderful place to live, work and recreate.

In this episode, Tammy talks about her experiences as Mayor and the implementation of Do the Right Day. Do the Right Day started when there where concerns about bullying and suicide and so Do the Right Day was implemented to remind people to be kind and do something nice for the person to their right. This year, Just Do Some Good is a proud sponsor of the day where 50,000 stickers will be given out at every school and participating business in Meridian. You can find out more about Do the Right Day here:

Don’t forget about the You ROCK! Workshop on April 26th. You can get your tickets on Eventbrite or right from my Instagram profile. This is your chance to attend the workshop at half the price. Each ticket includes a catered lunch and workbook you will be able to take home with great tools and information about how to do that thing you were born to do. Childcare will also be available onsite if you need it.

Ep 34 – Interview with Melissa Nelson

Today’s episode is all about doing acts of kindness and service in Idaho this week. I’ve interviewed Melissa Nelson, the founder of The Community Kindness Movement, which is a program started in Idaho to bring anti-bullying and kindness curriculum into our schools at the Elementary Level. This week happens to be Community Kindness Week as well as Just Do Some Good’s 3-day challenge.

You can get more information about The Community Kindness Movement on their website: or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @communitykindnessmovement.

Make sure you look for ways to serve and spread kindness and post about it with the #justdosomegood!

Ep 28 – Just Do Some Good

Today is the day… I’m so excited to talk about my new non profit called Just Do Some Good, Inc. Just Do Some Good is a non profit organization dedicated to flooding social media with meaningful examples of service, kindness and love.

In this episode, I’m talking about the backstory, our mission and purpose and how we plan to achieve all of this. I’m also talking about how I have found the courage to do all of the hard things involved in starting a non profit.

If you are reading this or listening to this episode, I want to encourage you to tell your story, make your impact and move your mountains.

If you want to get involved with Just Do Some Good, please email us at: or follow us on any social media platform @justdosomegood.