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The Extraordinary Family Life Formula with Greg Denning

Today’s episode is with Greg Denning and we are chatting about how to create an extraordinary family life. Greg is a high performance, success coach who works with individuals and families to create successful family lives.

I would listen to this episode with a pen, because Greg mentions tons of great resources for success and higher learning. We talk about the importance of keeping small commitments to ourselves and how to achieve our highest dreams and goals.

You can find Greg on his podcast, The Extraordinary Family Life Podcast or online at: or and on Instagram @extraordinaryfamilylife.

Guided Accountability with Charlena Smith

Today’s episode is with Charlena Smith, founder of Optio, a company that uses guided accountability to pair women together with perfectly matched accountability partners in order to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Charlena shares with us a rare disorder she developed during her pregnancies that nearly killed her. She defied the odds and lived to tell us what she learned from cheating death.

Charlena developed an algorithm to pair women together with their perfect accountability partner and loves to see them accomplish things they never thought were possible. Optio is a 12 week program that start with extensive personality testing and training and has been tested and proven effective. To learn more about this program, visit You can also find her on instagram at You can find a planner and guided accountability journal by Charlena Smith on Amazon.

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July and until next week: Have Courage, Be Kind and Stay On the Brighter Side.