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Conversations with Interracial Couples with Sandra and Ryan Tanner

This is the first episode in our Conversations with Interracial Couples Series. Today, we are interviewing Sandra and Ryan Tanner.

Ryan and Sandra Tanner have been married for almost 8 years and they live in North Metro Atlanta with their 3 children. Their ages are 17, 14, and 7. They share how their roads lead them to each other after many years, the struggles they have been through and some great advice on making a marriage work. They are a beautiful couple with a rich story who believe deeply in teaching their children to respect everyone, regardless of their race, religion or gender.

I loved this interview and I know you will too. You can continue the conversation with Sandra at: or on Instagram at:

Happy 4th of July with The American Moms, Brittany and Andrea

In today’s interview with the sisters behind the Instagram account, The American Moms, Brittany and Andrea share with us their 4th of July traditions, how to get more involved in our communities, who inspires them and some thoughts on failure.

Brittany recently ran for City Counsel in her town and shares with us her thoughts on small town politics and what she learned from the experience. She talked about her philosophy that you miss 100% of the shots that you do not take, and I loved her ideas about this. It’s ok if you do not win everything and there is still so much to learn and take from these experiences.

You can learn more about these amazing sisters on their website: or follow them on Instagram @theamericanmoms. I am so grateful to have had them on the show and I wish you all a very happy 4th of July.

Please remember to learn about events that are happening in the world and in your area and always vote in every election! Your voice matters and is important!