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Managing Time, Expectations and Challenges with Abbi Perets

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with my friend, Abbi Perets, all the way from Israel, where she lives with her husband and 5 kids. The also runs a successful online company, teaching mamas how to be a freelance copywriter. She has experienced hardships as a mother and a business owner and talks about the blessings and lessons she has learned from them.

Abbi specializes in time management and shares her best tips about how to manage your time in 2020 to make it your most productive year ever. She has a freebie for all of us about how to give ourselves a free time makeover. That can be found at this link: 

You can find more about Abbi and the services she provides on her website here: or on Instagram @abbiperets or join her Facebook group called Successful Freelance Mom.

BONUS: The Essential Calendar with Crystal Mickelsen

In today’s bonus episode, I’m chatting with Crystal Mickelsen, the creator of The Essential Calendar about how scheduling 3 months at a time can enrich family life. We talk about all of the benefits of getting everyone involved in family planning sessions and how to schedule in fun!

You can find The Essential Calendar at: and remember to use the code: BRIGHTER15 to get 15% off your purchase. You can also find The Essential Calendar on Instagram @theessentialcalendar.