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Planning Your Period with April Davis

Have you ever planned your work meetings and social calendar around your menstrual cycle? If your answer is no, be sure to tune into this episode! Today I’m having so much fun chatting with my friend, April Davis, the creator of the Vagina Blog and the Vagina Blog Podcast. She teaches women that when you cater to your cyclical nature, you find you have hidden strengths and that there is value in resting and respecting your menstrual cycle.

April compares our menstrual cycle to the 4 changing seasons:

·       Winter- is when we are menstruating. We are very intuitive during this phase and feel a strong need to hibernate. We tend to be attracted to warmer, nutrient dense foods and enjoy staying close to home.

·       Spring- is the follicular phase when we have an internal energy surge. This is a great time to take on big projects and utilize the extra motivation to take action.

·       Summer- is when we ovulate. We are “easy, breezy, and beautiful” during this phase. We tend to look better on camera and love being around people.

·      Fall- this is the luteal phase. We are in preparation for winter. During this phase, our hormones crash and we start to question every life decision we have ever made. We sometimes hate ourselves and our spouses during this time. It’s probably not the best time to take on a big new project at work or go on a fun family vacation.

So, the next time you are planning an anniversary trip, get your calendar out. Plan it around your cycle and go during your Spring or follicular stage right after your period. This way you are feeling “up for it”, have high energy, and are feeling adventurous. Your spouse will thank you.

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Learning about CPR and BAM with Maven Miara Shaw

My guest on the podcast today has been a long time coming, but she is worth the wait! I interviewed her last year and then ended season one of the podcast. When I stumbled upon our interview and found my notes from our chat, I was so thrilled and it couldn’t have come at a better time…right on the heels of my first You ROCK Workshop.

A Maven is a professional who seeks to pass on knowledge to others. In this episode, Maven Miara and I discuss CPR, which stands for Capable, Prepared and Ready. Through speaking engagements, her community and programs, she teaches women how to BAM, which stands for Bust A Move.

To find out more about her and her awesomeness, you can go to her website: for business and personal strategies and wisdom. You can also find her on every social media platform as Miara Shaw.

A deep, personal, heartfelt “thank you” to those of you who attended my You ROCK workshop this week. We will definitely do it again, so if you missed it, stay tuned.