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How NOT to Break Up with Dominic Cruz

Today we are chatting with Dominic Cruz, who is a breakup expert, on a mission to help young men and women recover from their breakup so they can be more at peace and be fulfilled to find hope and peace in their future relationships.

Today he is sharing his tops top ways to prevent your relationship from failing.

1.Getting to know each other- We are continually changing over time and it is important to be committed to getting to know each other as we evolve.  Dominic’s motto is “Always be learning and always be better than yesterday”. We can do this by constantly being curious and wanting to get to know our partner- regardless of how long you have been together.

2. Date Night- its so important. A few parameters for date night is its NOT a time to talk about stressful things like the kids, or careers, or problems in the relationship. It IS for fun! It is just a few hours one night a week that you can share your passions with your partner. If you miss it this week, you do it twice the next week. Protect the time you have together, have fun, be together and do not be stressed.

3. Have a vision and share your goals – plan for ‘we’. Don’t have the mindset of what makes “me” happy. Instead have it as what makes “us” happy.  When planning your life together you will find that you have different values. Make sure to share and learn each other’s values along the way. Don’t be afraid if they are different. We grow from challenges and they make our relationship stronger.

To learn more about Dominic and his mission you can find him on YouTube:

His book 10 Simple Tips to Get Over Your Ex is available on Amazon.

Elyse Dehlbom Opens Up About Her Experience on the Bachelor

Today, I’m chatting with Elyse Dehlbom from Colton Underwood’s season of the Bachelor. She was the lone red head who went on the best one-on-one date to the theme park with all of Colton’s Legacy kids. She later left the show on her own after feeling like she couldn’t say yes to an engagement after such a short period of dating. We discuss how she felt getting selected for the season, what it was like in the house with all of those women and why she left so early. She also gives us some insight into a few things we didn’t already know about Colton.

She is a make up artist in Phoenix, Arizona and is just as curious as the rest of us to see how everything plays out for Colton this season. You can find her on instagram using the handle @elysemichelle_mua. Go check her out and all of the fun things she has in store for us this year.

Thanks for such a great interview and for being so honest. I could have interviewed her all day, but so many of my questions were not approved by the legal department of ABC. Oh well, someday I’ll get all the juicy details of what it is really like to be in the bachelor mansion.