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Ep 24 – Interview with Ralphie Jacobs

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Today, I sit down with Ralphie Jacobs. She is the creator of one of my very favorite Instagram accounts, Simply on Purpose where she writes about positive parenting, family culture and living with purpose. She opens up with me about her thoughts on sibling rivalry, who inspires her, how to set clear boundaries, what she…

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Episode 22 – 5 Things I do Everyday to Keep my Marriage Sizzling Hot


In today’s episode, I share 5 things I do everyday to keep my marriage sizzling hot! My husband is awesome and so easy to love. We have a great relationship, but it is far from perfect. That means it takes constant effort and dedication to doing what it takes to keep it going strong. The…

Bonus Episode – Ike Hosts


Today’s bonus episode is my 6-year-old son wanting to follow his dreams and become a podcast host. This is a little 5 minute episode that will make you smile from ear to ear. But…if you don’t think kids are adorable or you don’t have an extra 5 minutes, skip this one. My kids hear me…

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