Make Defeat Your Fuel

make defeat your fuel

I saw this woman at the gym and loved the saying on her shirt. She let me take picture of it right there in the locker room. The reason I loved her shirt is because I believe that every failure brings you closer to success. Sometimes, failure gives you information about what doesn’t work, but…

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happy easter

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter or Passover or whatever holiday you celebrate. As I have talked about in my podcast, I was raised Jewish, but I converted to Christianity in college and I married a Christian man. We practice Christianity in our home, but I have made an effort to pass down certain Jewish…

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Girls Trip to NYC

nanny and girls in NYC

I just returned home from a trip to NYC with my mom and my girls. My aunt Joyce met us there, so it was truly a three generations girls trip. We also visited and had brunch with my grandpa’s sister who lives nearby. She is 92 years old and sharp as a tack. What a…

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Where does true beauty come from?

Picture of Jamie

This week on the podcast, I interviewed this beautiful woman. Her name is Jamie and she has been blessed with both physical and inner beauty. She has had her share of trials, but she has maintained a positive attitude and dedicated her life to serving and uplifting others. Even when the doctors gave her a…

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Enemies to Success

comparison blog post

Look at these beautiful faces. Each one of these women is unique and amazing in their own ways. I’m grateful for wonderful and supportive friends who root for me and cheer me on. I think one of the greatest tragedies of life are the emotions of jealousy and comparison. Each person on the earth is…

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