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The 5 Love Language Challenge

The 5 Love Language Challenge Learning your partner’s love language is one of the most important things you can do for your relationship. Not only that, but it is the quickest way to create lasting and meaningful change in your marriage. Learning a new love language is one of the easiest things to learn and…

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Here’s a Marriage Tip for You!

It’s Marriage Tip Monday! And today’s tip seems pretty obvious, but it’s actually surprisingly difficult. With kids, careers, hobbies and other things that take up our time, our relationships with our spouse sometimes get left for last or neglected completely. 💍💍💍 Last week, I took my ring into the jeweler to get cleaned and the…

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Camping in Yosemite

This past weekend, we took our family camping in Yosemite. I would definitely recommend this National Part to anyone and everyone who will listen. It is absolutely breathtaking! I would recommend camping too, even though I have admitted openly that I hate everything about camping except the memories we make every time we do it.…

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It’s My Birthday Today!

Today is my birthday! Every year on my birthday, I like to take a moment and look back and reflect on the last year of my life and see if I’ve learned anything or had the opportunity to grow in some way. When I did that today, I realized this year has been a doozy!…

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